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Kansas City Plaza

Country Club Plaza Fountain. Avenues Classics is located & manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City’s own Avenues Classics offers customers a rich selection of premium specialty desserts.

Birch Family First Bakery

Birch Family First Bakery, 1925 State Street Chicago, IL.

Freshly made by hand combining traditional European artisanal methods and innovation at the highest level, Avenues Classics desserts begin from authentic family recipes some over 100 years old.


We use only the highest quality ingredients. Unique flavor profiles include our Key Lime Cake, Pistachio Cake, Limoncello Raspberry Cake, and Red Velvet Cannoli Cake, with exciting new creations added all the time.

Meet Our Team

Joe Birch

Joe Birch

Joe Birch brings a wealth of culinary experience and talent to his latest dining concept Avenues Classics.

Joe embraces decades of European artisanship and a time-honored skill that has died out in many kitchens to create original, handmade desserts that are both contemporary and creative.

Flavorful combinations artfully prepared by hand make tasting an Avenues Classics dessert an unforgettable experience.

Anthony Birch

Tony Birch
Chief Taster

What do you do if you love going out, love meeting new people, and love sharing unforgettable dessert experiences yet can’t make them on your own? You join the family business of course! After years eating desserts as an amateur, Tony turned passionate dessert professional with the launch of Avenues Classics in 2014.

Tony’s background has always been customer and quality focused, having previously spent 15+ years in digital advertising working with Fortune 500 clients.

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Tony Birch
Chief Taster
Avenues Classics

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